Migration Guide

Table of Contents

Migrating data from Seahorse 1.3 to Seahorse 1.4

The data that can be migrated from Seahorse 1.3 to Seahorse 1.4 includes:

  1. the database containing the workflow, cluster and notebook information
  2. the library containing your data files

Finding your old data

Inserting the data into the new Seahorse instance

Create new h2-data and library directories next to your new docker-compose.yml or Vagrantfile. Move the retrieved workflow database data into the h2-data directory and retrieved library files into the library directory.

If some of these directories already exist, you can replace them with the retrieved ones. Note that in this case all the work done in Seahorse 1.4 up to this point will be lost.

Seahorse will automatically convert 1.3-compatible data into the new format upon launch.