Convert Type

Converts types of columns in a DataFrame. One or more columns can be converted at the same time. Every selected column is converted to the same (selected) type.

Supports conversions from all types to String, Boolean, Timestamp, Double, Float, Long, and Integer type.

Every null value stays a null value in the result DataFrame (despite the column type change). When a Timestamp column is converted to Numeric, then each value is represented by the number of milliseconds since 1 January 1970.

Boolean converted to String generates a column of true and false strings.

String column can be converted to Numeric only if all values in the column represent a numeric value.

A column converted to its type is not modified. If one or more column can not be converted, the operation will fail at runtime with a TypeConversionException.

This operation also returns a Transformer that can be later applied to another DataFrame with Transform operation.

Since: Seahorse 0.4.0


Port Type Qualifier Description
0 DataFrame The DataFrame to select columns from.


Port Type Qualifier Description
0 DataFrame The DataFrame with the converted columns.
1 Transformer A Transformer that allows to apply the operation to other DataFrames using a Transform.


Name Type Description
target type Single Choice Target type of the conversion. Possible values are: [String, Boolean, Timestamp, Double, Float, Long, Integer].
operate on InputOutputColumnSelector Input and output columns for the operation.



Name Value
target type int
operate on one column
input column "beds"
output append new column
output column "beds_int"


city beds price
CityA 4.0 695611.0
CityC 2.0 294691.0
CityB 3.0 430784.0
CityB 2.0 336677.0
CityA 3.0 584639.0
CityA 4.0 579560.0


city beds price beds_int
CityA 4.0 695611.0 4
CityC 2.0 294691.0 2
CityB 3.0 430784.0 3
CityB 2.0 336677.0 2
CityA 3.0 584639.0 3
CityA 4.0 579560.0 4