AFT Survival Regression

Creates an AFT survival regression model.

This operation is ported from Spark ML.

For a comprehensive introduction, see Spark documentation.

For scala docs details, see documentation.

Since: Seahorse 1.1.0


This operation does not take any input.


Port Type Qualifier Description
0EstimatorAn Estimator that can be used in a Fit operation.


Name Type Description
fit intercept Boolean Whether to fit an intercept term.
max iterations Numeric The maximum number of iterations.
tolerance Numeric The convergence tolerance for iterative algorithms.
label column SingleColumnSelector The label column for model fitting.
censor column SingleColumnSelector Param for censor column name. The value of this column could be 0 or 1. If the value is 1, it means the event has occurred i.e. uncensored; otherwise censored.
features column SingleColumnSelector The features column for model fitting.
prediction column String The prediction column created during model scoring.
quantile probabilities MultipleNumeric Param for quantile probabilities array. Values of the quantile probabilities array should be in the range (0, 1) and the array should be non-empty.
use custom quantiles SingleChoice Param for quantiles column name. This column will output quantiles of corresponding quantileProbabilities if it is set. Possible values: ["no", "yes"]